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Base Jumping in USA – extreme videos

In memory of Amber Bellows

TOWER JUMP – Clayton Hoyt Butler & Amber Bellows

Amber Bellows Falls 2,000 Ft. To Death while her parachute didn’t open in Zion National Park in Utah on Feb. 1.

Clayton Hoyt Butler and Amber Bellows take to the sky in this adrenaline filled free fall brought to you by Josh Lloyd Media. Watch closely as this power couple takes on Buttermilk Tower located due West of Knowhere, Utaho.

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Amber Bellows falls


A Utah newlywed who went BASE jumping in Zion National Park with her husband of two weeks was killed when her parachute failed to open properly and she plunged to her death, a park official said Monday.

Amber Bellows, 28, plummeted about 2,000 feet during a jump off of Mount Kinesava on Saturday, the National Parks Service. Her new husband told authorities he noticed there was trouble with her parachute and he jumped after his wife to try to save her, but was unable to reach her.

After landing, Clayton Butler, 29, hiked for more than two hours before reaching park officials at sundown to notify them of the incident. Search crews using a helicopter recovered Bellow’s body on Sunday in a rugged area of the mountain’s base, park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus said.

The couple were experienced with BASE jumping, a form of skydiving where a person free-falls off a fixed surface before activating a parachute, the Parks Service said. The term BASE stands for buildings, antennas, spans and earth.

Bellows’ death was the first BASE jumping fatality at Zion National Park. Parachuting of any kind is illegal at the park.

Source: guardianlv.com
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Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks

Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks

The sixth of the HERO3+ Adventure Series.

Hayley Ashburn and Marshall Miller ascend and leap from Ancient Art in the Fishers Towers.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera.

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Five Ten Shoes a few seconds, he flew for nearly a full minute at speeds of around 125mph along the north face before landing safely on the Rongbuk glacier – at an altitude of 5,950 meters.

Rozov has made it into headlines around the world in recent years for his spectacular leaps. In 2009 he jumped into an active volcano in the Far East on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in 2010 he leaped from the Ulvetanna in the Antarctic and in 2012 he jumped from the Shivling mountain in the Himalayas.

BASE Jumping Perrine Bridge

Perrine Bridge

B.A.S.E. Jumping With The YouScared? Crew

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