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Base Jumping in Norway – extreme videos

Russian Base Jumpers in Wingsuit Race

Russian Base Jumpers

Compete In Adrenaline Fuelled Wingsuit Race

Is the the world’s most extreme race? This incredible footage of base jumpers leaping from the top of a Norwegian mountain will blow you away.

Captured on a Go Pro camera, the nerve shredding video shows the gutsy group soaring through the air, each competing for the fastest time in the World Base Race, 2014.

Filmed in Innfjorden, Norway, the adrenaline junkies are seen flying merely metres away from the mountain’s jagged rocks in an effort to get the quickest time.

Invited as part of an exclusive group, Russian divers, Ratmir Nagimianov 30, Gleb Vorevodin, 37, and Alexey Drozdov, 37, were chosen as three of the best thirty jumpers in the world.

But although each of the barmy bunch were desperate to prove their worth on the world stage, it was Gleb Vorevodin who managed to outperform the competition and take the title.

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The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5

Ever wonder what it takes to play it safe 5 meters above the ground while wingsuit proximity flying? Wingsuit pilots Espen Fadnes, Jokke Sommer and Ludo Woerth bring you to the ultimate training camp.

Here they can do wind tunnel training, skydiving and wingsuit BASE jumps all in one day. And when those days become weeks, the guys take huge steps towards their perfect flight. Welcome to Voss, Norway – the Gudevangen valley.

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp | The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5