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The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5

Ever wonder what it takes to play it safe 5 meters above the ground while wingsuit proximity flying? Wingsuit pilots Espen Fadnes, Jokke Sommer and Ludo Woerth bring you to the ultimate training camp.

Here they can do wind tunnel training, skydiving and wingsuit BASE jumps all in one day. And when those days become weeks, the guys take huge steps towards their perfect flight. Welcome to Voss, Norway – the Gudevangen valley.

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp | The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5

The Formula White Line

Wingsuit proximity racing: The Formula White Line.
Finding, planning and flying my favorite sharply turning wingsuit proximity racing line: The Formula White Line.
Thanks Ludovic Woerth for an amazing job getting this on tape.
Thanks Robert Pecnik for crafting the race car.

Wingsuit Pilot: Mathias Wyss
Main Camera: Ludovic Woerth
Additional Pilots: Robert Pecnik, Jokke Sommer, Dr. No, Edo Senica
Additional Camera: Thierry Donard & Nuit de la Glisse, Edo Senica

Made Possible By: Phoenix-Fly, AdrenalinBase, Atair
Coralie L’Enfant by facebook