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Jokke Sommer Base Jumping – extreme videos

Jokke Sommer & Soul Flyers in Dubai

XTreme Video

Jokke Sommer & The Soul Flyers in Dubai

Follow wingsuit proximity flyer Jokke Sommer on a training camp to Skydive Dubai.

Skydive training is essential in the sport of wingsuit base jumping. Discover wingsuit and freefly training with the best of the best: Vince Reffet from Soul Flyers and Petter Johnson in the wind tunnel. Stay tuned for the second episode, next week!

XTreme Video

Vince Reffet

Petter Johnson

Jean-Philippe Teffaud

Nothing Gonna Stop Me (Beau Black)
KT274 – UPPM

Mystic Mountain (Jon More, Matt Black, Patrick Carpenter)

Tides End (Christopher Fudurich, Robert W Vincent)
KT276 — UPPM
Jokke Sommer Dubai
Jokke Sommer
Vince Reffet
Petter Johnson
Jean-Philippe Teffaud
Fred Fugen
Julian Boulle
Skydive Dubai
Nasser Al Neyadi

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Phoenix-Fly – Mountain Trails

Mountain Trails

Phoenix-Fly – The Need 4 Speed

2012 has been an incredible year for the evolution of human flight.
New suit technology and a dedication to improving skill levels mean we can now fly further, faster and more accurately than ever before. Team Need 4 Speed have worked hard this year to fly new, beautiful lines. We’ve focused on amazing terrain for backdrops, with tight proximity led formations.
Thank you for an amazing year from everyone in Team Need 4 Speed, Phoenix Fly and Adrenalin BASE.

See you at the exit point in 2013

Made Possible By:

Main Camera:
Ludovic Woerth

Wingsuit Pilots & Camera:
Robert Pecnik, Edo Senica, Mathias Wyss, Tilen Guzelj, Luka Fornazaric, Luka Kodra, Bor Guzej, Dr. No, Harry Kloska

Guest Pilots:
Jokke Sommer, Andy Callender

Additional Camera & Ground Crew:
Thierry Donard, Boris Pecnik, Gregor Kresal, Samo Rutar

Editing & Post Production:
Jarno Cordia

Hybrid – Enjoy the Silence (instrumental)

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp

The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5

Ever wonder what it takes to play it safe 5 meters above the ground while wingsuit proximity flying? Wingsuit pilots Espen Fadnes, Jokke Sommer and Ludo Woerth bring you to the ultimate training camp.

Here they can do wind tunnel training, skydiving and wingsuit BASE jumps all in one day. And when those days become weeks, the guys take huge steps towards their perfect flight. Welcome to Voss, Norway – the Gudevangen valley.

The Wingsuit Boot-Camp | The Perfect Flight, Ep. 5

Busted by the Police in Benidorm

BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal

Jokke Sommer’s at it again, only this time he’s not getting off scott-free. It’s strike ONE for the police in Benidorm, and we don’t want to know what happens in Spanish prison to reckless BASE jumpers…

Check out episode 2 of Barely Legal, where Jokke and friend Dominik laugh in the face of the law and BASE jump off as many skyscrapers as they can in this video series over six blissful days of lawlessness.

Director: Ellioth & Winther Film
Producer: EpicTV
Athletes: Jokke Sommer, Dominik Loyen

BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal, Ep. 2